We have four hijab styles in our shop:

1-Voila!: the First hijab produced by Bokitta. It is 55cm from chin to bottom, it has a short side flap, it has a lining made of 100% cotton,and it includes a matching magic inner or a tie headband.

2-Voila!Maxi: is the second hijab we added to our collection. It provides extra coverage for the whole chest for women who desire added coverage. It is 10 cm longer than Voila!, and 3 cm wider to spread easier and more comfortably at the shoulder.

3- Chic!: is a new style we introduced in 2014, Its as long as Voila!Maxi, 65cm from chin to chest, it has an inner lining made of 100% cotton, and it includes a matching Bokitta Magic!Inner. This style has a long side flap, and a little tassel dangling on the tip which adds extra style to the garment.


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